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On this page we explain the importance of the SDC promo code, also known as coupon code or discount code. You do want to use this when you sign up at and create your swinger profile as a couple or as a single, so you can start sex dating as soon as possible. For this you have to fill in a small number of fields, including optionally this promotional code. And we strongly advise you: do NOT forget this, otherwise you will miss a lot of benefits.

Tip: always use the Google Chrome browser or the Safari browser in case you work with an Apple computer or laptop, iPhone or iPad. If you don’t, you may have problems signing up or logging in to SDC.

When creating your profile, you first indicate whether you are a couple or a single. If you are a couple, you can specify the gender of both persons separately. In the vast majority of cases, couples will appear in the form of man and woman. But SDC is also open to same-sex couples. So male / male couples and female / female couples can register too. If you are a single person, you will only be asked whether you are a man or a woman.

You are requested to come up with a profile name and password and to enter your email address and global location. None of this is spectacular, when you join a swingers dating site or regular dating site, these are standard things to fill in.

On the right side you will see a field called “Promo Code”, or “Coupon Code”. Both terms are identical to each other. Depending on your geographical location, they could use the word “Discount Code” as well, it means all the same and is intended to give you some great benefits and discount. See picture on the page below.

What is a promo code?

The promo code can be compared to a discount code or coupon code, but it is not quite the same. Where coupon codes often provide a special promotion or discount which you can benefit from right away. That way you usually pay less and therefore pay a discount price, the SDC promo code offer works slightly differently. It does not immediately give you a cheap membership, but it is very interesting because your mega bonus will follow later.

The promotion code has a much better advantage in store for you at a later stage. In any case, you can use all functions on the site for free for a while. This great functionality that you are offered for free is (almost) as extensive as a paid member has at their/ his/ her disposal, including being able to send and read messages to and from other members for free. So you can start making a sex date for tonight right away.

In the past, you sometimes had these features for over 20 days during your free trial. Due to abuse, the promo codes for free 20 days have all been decommissioned, but with our promo codes you can still use the site completely free for a longer period than normally, but that’s not all, the best is yet to come.

With the promo code 36222 you will receive a super deal offer in your mailbox after having been a paid member for over a year (count on about 13 to 15 months). You then pay a price one more time (comparable to the approximate price of an annual subscription) and you’ll never have to pay again after that. You can become a member of the best sex dating and swinger dating site in the world for free forever via our promo code 36222.
If you want that too (and who doesn’t), please read the short and simple explanation in the next paragraph.

How to score a free lifetime membership?

sdc promo code

In the image above you see the promo code field circled in red. If it says 36222 here, then you don’t have to do anything anymore and you are good for the rest of your life. You will now immediately receive your free trial membership and next year you are guaranteed to receive that lifetime subscription offer. If not, you can send us an angry email, and we will arrange that for you personally, but we are confident that won’t be necessary. It always works fully automatic, which is why we can guarantee that.

If our coupon code is not visible at the sign up page, enter 36222 in the field of the Promo Code. If there is another code, remove it and type 36222. Super simple, but you have to do it right, otherwise you will miss this amazing offer later, because certainly not all promo codes still work or can offer this lifetime membership.

Tips for your free trial membership

The phrase “Life is what you make it”, also applies to your membership at SDC. It’s a great site with really countless sex date opportunities. Without exaggeration, it will be far more than you will be able to handle during your whole life. There are simply too many attractive members to date them all. But if you sign up and do nothing with your profile, it will be difficult to get a sex date.

Therefore always complete your profile. Indicate what you are looking for and most importantly: put some photos online or at least one. If you do not want to be recognizable on the site, no problem. We don’t have face pics in the public area either and have done sex dating hundreds of times via SDC.

This is one of the few major dating profile sites where you can post full nude photos of yourself (and your partner), even in all kind of sexual positions.

SDC is completely different from the prudish Facebook, where you already get a ban if a millimeter of a nipple is visible. Not only nude, but also sex photos and sex videos are allowed, and you do not have to hold back. The more, the better and the wilder, the better, but a few simple photos are enough for a start. These kinds of photos are easy to take, you don’t even have to comb your hair, because your face remains out of the picture, or you can blur it.

In short, create an attractive profile in a simple way. Show yourself! Show others that you are a member and seek contact through the site, so you can make the most of your free trial membership. Incidentally, nude photos are not mandatory. Some novice swingers couples and singles do not like that and that is no problem at all. You decide how you organize your profile. Not everyone wants to be exposed on the site and that’s okay.

New promo code

In case you have wasted your trial membership time and would like to have another shot, so you can really make something of it this time, then we may have the solution in the form of a new promotion code, which has the same benefits as mentioned above.

We can arrange this because we have been a member for 300 years and know the owner of the site well. Please note that if you want a new special code with all the benefits, that this time you really have the intention to use your new trial period more actively. Mail us via the contact form and we will arrange a new coupon code for you. If you have any other questions about the promo code or about the membership at SDC, we are also happy to help.