SDC Swinger. Review the best swingers dating site

SDC is the biggest and best real swingers dating site in the world for couples and single sex dating. Read experiences and our super elaborate review, manual and test of this swinger site for couples and singles. Discover all the advantages and our very special promo code.

The SDC swinger dating website with over 3 million members, has been around for almost 25 years. It is the best site for sex dating between couples, for erotic dates between couples and singles and for sex contact between singles.

SDC stands for Swingers Date Club

Many people wonder what does SDC mean, and where does it stand for? The SDC acronym has had multiple meanings over the years. The most famous is Swingers Date Club. But the letter C is also often referred to as Community. So, Swingers Dating Community is another acronym which is being used frequently. In recent years it stands for something completely different: Seek, Discover and Connect. We think the latter is not so good, because you could use that slogan for almost any contact website.

The site is for real-life sex hookups. Via SDC, hundreds of thousands of sex dates or probably even millions are made every year. Imagine that every member only has one date a year, in that case you are already talking about 3 million sex dates on an annual basis. One thing we know for sure: the vast majority of swingers, swing much more often than once a year, so calculate for yourself which dizzying number of erotic contacts it involves.

Swingers dating for couples

The ultimate goal for SDC has always been swinger and sex dating. In the past, the site was used primarily in the USA, and later they merged with Swingers Europe. Singles were hard to find on the site in those days. That has changed a lot, but couples still form the largest group of members at present time. We literally know thousands of swinger couples who are members of this site and are very happy about it.

In many places in the world, within 1 square kilometer there are several couples who are member of SDC, even in the smallest communities. Only people just don’t always advertise it for obvious reasons, so in those cases they often choose a somewhat larger place of residence in the neighborhood as a location, to be more anonymous and keep a low profile. But make no mistake, we bet that there are also several couples in your area too who are members of SDC and are open to swingers dating and sex contact with other couples and singles. No matter in which country, you live you will find members on the site in your neighborhood.

Every week a huge number of dates take place between couples. This can be witnessed in the validations that members of the site give each other. A validation is a short description and tells us how fantastic the erotic encounter between the couples (or single) has been. Other members of SDC can also see and read this validation, and they can be sure that this is a real couple / person and not a member with a fake profile.

The website has so many functions and features that you can get lost quickly. For that reason, we have made a real manual. By the time you read this, it might be that the site has already been expanded a little further, because we know few sites that update as often as SDC swinger. They continuously invent new functions or change the appearance. But we will keep this site updated as well, so you can be sure the most relevant information and functions can be found on our website.

sdc swinger dating for couples and singles
Two couples on a swingers date with the intention of wife swapping

SDC dating for singles (both single men and single women)

Since about ten years, has also started to focus on singles. This arose because at that time lots of couples wanted to meet with a single woman for two reasons: the husband of the couple had the privilege of being pampered by two women and the woman of the couple could satisfy her bisexual needs.

Not much later, the couple’s wife also wanted to experience the pleasure of making love with two men at the same time. Of course, the husband of the couple could not refuse such a request. After all, he was allowed to have sex with two women and if he would deny her this pleasure, she would probably end his privileges of a trio with two ladies as well.

Therefor dating with single men suddenly became hot and a trio with one woman and two men is now a very normal and accepted phenomenon in the swinger community.

In addition to the many dates that couples make with single men and single women, it is increasingly common for singles to find each other for a sex date.

And lost but not least, there is a trend that more and more single men are receiving invitations to large swingers sex parties, where they play an indispensable role for women who want to have sex with many men in one evening (at the same time). This means there are lots of reasons for singles to join SDC and join the numerous sexual activities.

SDC manual

SDC is very elaborate, so that’s why we have written a manual. You do not have to read everything of course, but a lot of people find it very handy. We have created a manual for each menu item, which refers to separate pages. For example, you can first only read the headlines and if you want to know more about a certain function or feature, you can read all the details about it in the corresponding paragraphs.

We are honestly quite proud of it. As far as we know, this is quite unique and by far the most comprehensive guide to SDC swinger dating on the entire internet. Nowhere else in any other language you’ll find such a good manual, not even on SDC itself 🙂 .

Stability of the website

We must confess that the website of can be a bit slow at times, but that is because there are so many people active at the same time and the community club is getting bigger and bigger every day. As soon as they order additional servers and have started using them, they can order new servers again. The site and the number of members are growing rapidly. Even during the corona pandemic, which in fact is not surprising. Most swingers clubs were closed and even if they were open, it was still safer to meet with one or more couples for a private partner swap at someone’s home than visiting a swingers club, where you could potentially get infected by hundreds of people.

Number of SDC swinger members

The number of members on SDC swinger is more than 3 million worldwide. Information about how many of them are located in a specific country is not published and will not be released for competitive reasons. But it is very clear that there are a huge number of couples and swinging singles (also called swingles), member of this great sex dating site. Not only you’ll find a lot of members, all members are very active in swingers dating as well.

Just ask couples (and singles) at a swingers party or in a swingers club if they happen to be a member of SDC. You will be amazed how many people will say yes. Sometimes it looks like everyone who takes swinging a little bit seriously is active on this site. It’s also called Facebook for sex or Facebook for swingers, or fleshbook.

Ratio couples / singles

The current ratio within SDC dating is 80% couples and 20% singles. In the past you hardly came across singles, but those times have changed definitely.

If you are a couple who wants absolutely nothing to do with singles, you can easily block single men or single women or both, on your profile. You can also block non-paying members, so they cannot access your profile. This way you can exclude any pranksters who could pose as a couple. Fortunately, that rarely happens on this website.

The percentage of fakers is very low on SDC anyway. Due to the extensive validation system, fakers immediately stand out and are quickly thrown off the site. Taking a paid account to be a fake couple will hardly be done by anyone. And due to the lack of validations, a fake profile will become suspicious soon enough. Everyone quickly understands something could be wrong with a member, if a member doesn’t have any validations after one year of membership.

We can also reassure singles who are afraid that all couples on SDC will protect their account against single men. There are a lot of couples who would like to meet single men and single women, so you will not be short of anything. Dating millions of couples, can’t be achieved in one lifetime anyway. No matter how potent, excited and virile you are, there are way too many of them, you can’t date them all.

Percentage of men and women within the single group

This is a bit more difficult to estimate, but based on our long-term experiences, we estimate that this ratio is about 1 to 7.
In the past, hardly any single women could be found and a swinging single woman was called a unicorne, but how different is this nowadays. We personally already know hundreds of them. Also, we witness many new registrations of single women, which are added every day, it is amazing to see how that has changed compared to 10 years ago.

1 in 7 may still seem like a big disadvantage for a man, but from our own experience we can say that the average single swinger woman does more than 5 men at a sex party in one night, so that straightens the proportions. Women who register on this site have no problem with free sex and are very sexually active with a lot of different men, women and couples.

Maybe you could even call some ladies a sex addict or nymphomaniac or at least describe them as a woman who often feels like having sex with many people. So, they date a lot with men, women (often they are also bisexual) and couples, because they feel like it and are offered countless opportunities through SDC. In addition, you’ll see with new registrations that the ratio of men/ women is also straightening out more and more. Today’s (young), modern women think very differently about sex than ten years ago and are certainly not ashamed to admit they like to have a lot of sex, which we believe is a good thing.

Free trial membership swingers dating promo code

SDC has an excellent trial membership offer. If you register with SDC via our links or banners on this site, you will automatically receive a superb trial membership with a longer trial ship period. You do not have to pay, but you can first explore the site and find out if you like it (and we can guarantee that you will).

Almost all functions will work for trial members, including sending, receiving and reading mails, completely free. There is no problem if you don’t want to become a paying member, you will not receive an invoice unless you decide to become a full member yourself by explicitly signing up for that.

What does and does not work during your free trial period depends on how well you complete your profile. For example, if you do not upload a photo, certain functions will not work and your trial period will be shorter. Photos on this kind of sites are a must. You’ll have almost no chance on the SDC swinger site if you don’t upload a photo.

The big advantage is that you don’t have to place a facepic. The men can suffice with a dick pic and the women? You can decide that for yourself. It is important that you post nice photos and most members also immediately show what they have to offer. You will see a lot of pictures with body parts that remain covered in normal life and at normal profile sites.

The fact is that almost every member has nude photos and sex photos on the site and occasionally also sex videos. Sometimes they are protected with a password, but just as often not. You could therefore rightly call it the largest amateur sex community in the world.

SDC cost of swinger dating

Of course, anybody would like to know what such a great website would cost. Actually, we think it is cheap. The prices for SDC swingers dating are:
$ 10.41 per month for an annual membership. (You pay a price of 124.95)
$ 14.16 per month for a six-month membership. (You pay a price of 84.95)
$ 16.65 per month for a quarterly membership. (You pay a price of 49.95)
$ 25.95 per month for a monthly membership. (You pay a price of 25.95)

Personally, we do not think an average amount of ten dollars a month is a lot of money. It is even almost a bargain price, but for that you need to pay an amount of almost 120 euros at a time for 12 months.
Is that expensive? We personally don’t think so, but that is subjective. Many people spend more on groceries during one week and here we are talking about 52 weeks of membership of the best swingers site in the world. That is less than three dimes a day or a little more than 2 dollars a week.

If you think it is a lot of money, then first become a member for a month. On the other hand, we think 25 dollars for a month is not the best deal you can get, so opt for the golden mean: a quarter or six months.
Read more about the costs of SDC (link follows).

The great thing about SDC is that you do NOT have to pay for it the rest of your life. If you become a member via our promo code, you will receive a lifetime membership offer after a little more than a year and this is really a great offer with a lot of discount, see paragraph below.

Lifetime membership SDC lifetime free member

You never have to pay for SDC swinger dating again, after you have been a paying member for a little more than a year. That sounds too good to be true, and yet it is really true.

When you register via one of our links or banners on this site, you will receive an offer after a little more than 12 months that will make you very, very happy.

Through this offer you can become a lifetime member for an amount of approximately 200 dollars. You don’t have to be a mathematician to understand that this is a mega offer. SDC is already a great site to begin with, where you can score a lot of sex dating and swinger dates. For us we would have no problems to pay for that the rest of our lives.

But this erotic dating site can also be 100% free at some point. Once you are a member, you’ll probably wonder why you didn’t register many years ago. Especially if you are a fan of swingers dating, sex dating and real amateur sex, you will be amazed what real dating opportunities this site will bring you and unlike many other commercial sites, these are real amateurs and you will have a lot of real sex dates.

Now you probably understand why SDC has so many members. Nobody misses this offer. Once a swinger, always a swinger. If you already have an open attitude towards sexuality today, you will still have it in 10 or 20 years from now. In fact, in general, the longer people swing, the more sexually open they will become. In short, this is a no-brainer, you should not even have to hesitate when this offer reaches you.

Countries in which the best swingers dating site is active

If you are wondering in which countries SDC has members, you will be ready a lot faster if you turn the question around. In which countries is SDC not active? Members can be found almost anywhere in the world even in Muslim communities such as Pakistan, although the numbers there are of course relatively low.

Most importantly, the dating site is very large all over the world with 3 million members.
The top 5 countries where SDC has the most members.

  1. United States,
  2. The Netherlands,
  3. Belgium,
  4. United Kingdom (UK),
  5. India.

Other countries and continents with lots of members are:

  • All the Southern European countries such as: France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece.
  • All the Northern European countries such as: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland
  • All the Eastern European countries such as: Romania, Bulgar
  • All the Mid-European countries such as Poland, Germany, Austria and Swiss
  • Australia
  • Asia
  • North America and South America

You can even see more and more members from Africa.

Members who live far away on another continent may not help you on an average Saturday night, but it is very handy when you go on vacation. On the website you will find all kinds of tools like a travel planner.

That way you are notified when an Italian couple comes to visit you and vice versa. The Greek members will automatically receive an email when you are on holiday in their neighborhood. Also, you can see what other sdc swingers are visiting that region when you are around. The number of international sex dates which come out of this, is huge.

We personally use the site even more for holiday swinger dates than for local sex dates.

SDC Promocode

You are lucky that you have found our site, because our SDC promo code is a very special promotion code. With this discount code, you are entitled to an extra long free trial membership. During this free trial you can do almost everything that a real member can do, such as sending messages to other members and also reading messages that other members send to you. These are real messages with free text, so you can type whatever you want in those messages, including your telephone number / WhatsApp data or your Skype data. In short, you can immediately make a sex date.

And our promo code has another surprise in store over time. After more than a year, you will automatically receive an amazing offer to become a lifetime member for a price that does not require you to think twice. After accepting that, you’ll have sex dates through SDC for the rest of your life without ever having to pay again. If there is an award for the best website in the world somewhere, we would like to nominate SDC.
Read more about the SDC Promocode (link will follow)

SDC offer and discount

Needless to say, SDC has no further discounts or offers. In addition to the promo code offer where you can become a lifetime member for an insane low price, we have never encountered another offer, discount or promotion in 20 years. Understandable, because they are always cheap and totally free after more than a year. There is no better discount than free.


As described earlier on this page, SDC has so many functions that we think it’s necessary to make a very comprehensive manual for this. We list about ten nice functions here, but there are many more.

1. Very extensive profile where you can indicate exactly who you are, what kind of fetish you have and what you are looking for.
2. The possibility to place thousands of erotic photos in all kinds of different folders, which you can protect with a password or not.
3. The ability to post countless sex videos and watch sexvideo’s of other members.
4. Webcam Chat room where you can broadcast with your webcam or just chat via the keyboard. A great place to watch live swinging sex dates between couples.
5. Start a live stream like on Facebook, but focused on you having sex with your partner of someone else.
6. Speed ​​dating function, where you can indicate what you are looking for: a private sex date, a date in a swingers club or at a swinger party. This really works great! There are always many members who want to have sex today and they will react to your speed dating ad.
7. Various “competitions” including a photo contest, video contest and a writer contest. Great prizes can be won.
8. A travel planner with which you can let others know that you are in their area during a certain period, so you can make many sex dates on vacation. That travel planner also works great when people are visiting your area.
9. Laidar, get a notification on your phone when other SDC swingers are very close to you.
10. Validation system, you can see exactly whether a certain couple or single is active or never has had a date.

This is just a very short list. See our guide from SDC for all functions. (links follows soon).

Customer service

SDC has a good customer service that almost always responds the same day. You can approach them by email, telephone or just very easily directly to one of their profiles on the site itself.
Read more about the SDC help desk (link follows).

SDC Experiences and reviews

Our own experiences with SDC are super positive. We have been a free member now for many years with our life time subscription. Thanks to SDC we have been able to meet many hundreds of couples in real life where we had sex dates with them, both in our own country and far beyond. This website is also a gift abroad if you want to date local swingers or singles on the spot during your holiday abroad.

We have met no people who regretted their membership of SDC. The only complaints we sometimes hear is that the site is a bit slow from time to time and SDC has a nasty habit of throwing old messages from the server every once in a while. So, make sure you save important mail or add the nice people you talk to on SDC to your favorite list of members.

These are the only “bad” experiences with SDC that we have ever heard, otherwise purely positive experiences, because the number of couples and singles with whom you can have a sex date is actually unlimited; who could have a problem with that?

SDC World party

Every year (provided there are no corona restrictions) a great swingers party is organized. The so-called SDC world party. This world party is often organized in Europe. So, if you live in Europe you don’t have to travel half the planet to meet so many beautiful international swingers in one place. More info about the SDC World Party in the Netherlands (Utrecht) (link will follow)

SDC App for swingers

The swingers app / sex date app from SDC works very well and has many functions. But beware: we advise everyone to first become a member via the website and then possibly download the app for two reasons.

Firstly, because the payments via the app are not always properly processed while the website never gives problems with payment processing. Secondly, the app indicates your location with great accuracy and if you live in a small community, you probably don’t want everyone to know you joined a swingers dating site to have sex with other people a lot. We therefore advise novice swingers to join the website first, before possibly revealing your location or identity via the app on your smartphone.


Sdc is truly a great site and indispensable for any swingers couple who enjoy swapping partners or threesomes and who would like to meet up with multiple couples or singles at private sex parties. Also, for singles who want to meet for a sex date with a couple or with another single, this is the best site the internet has to offer.