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New: Dating guide, based on 20 years of experience with the biggest and best swinger sex dating site for couples and singles on earth.

SDC is a super big sex dating site with a huge number of functions and possibilities. If you have just become a free trial member, you can quickly get lost in all the options that the site has to offer. We also do not rule out that you go crazy, because nowhere in the world have you will encounter so many real swinger couples and singles who completely expose themselves on the site with nude photos and sex videos. All those real members are looking for a real sex date. This is happening daily on a large scale. All those members have a large number of functions available. Before we explain how the site works, we will first try to briefly describe what SDC is.

What is SDC ?

SDC is a ridiculously large, international swingers dating site with more than 3 million members worldwide, including a huge amount of swinger couples who are swapping partners all the time. It is also very interesting for singles, because it is simultaneously a sex dating site for singles who want to meet up with couples for a threesome sex date and singles who are looking for sex with other singles. Beside the “normal” threesome and wife swapping, the site is also widely used to organize private sex parties, inviting many couples (and often singles) to have a small or a huge orgy sex party together.

What else is SDC?

Beside being the largest swingers date club and single sex date site for real people (no fake) in the world, SDC is also the largest true amateur sex website in the world. Nowhere, you will find so many nude photos and sex videos of real people (amateurs) who are not paid for these pictures and videos in any way. Those photos and videos are the promotional material of the members to show how hot they are, often with the purpose to score lots of sex with couples and singles, who are also members of that website.

These are real amateurs having real sex with each other members all the time. It’s not a big dick pic collection. On SDC the women are also completely naked and in many sexual positions. You will also see a lot of images and videos, where real sex is happening between the husband and wife of a couple. But also videos and pics of threesomes when a single is invited again, foursomes when two couples are wife swapping and pictures and videos of swinger party orgies. Of course, photos are only taken and posted with the approval of all involved. You do not have to worry if you go on a sex date that you will be secretly filmed, or photographed against your will. Privacy and respect always come first. For more information on what SDC is, click on home in the menu at the top of this page.

Manual and information

To make the many functions of SDC somewhat manageable, we will log in and discuss the most important menu options from top to bottom.

But first we will show you the best way to become a free trial member, so you can log in to SDC yourself and get the most out of it. If you want to become a paid member later (and there is a 95% chance that you want to, if you see what sex date possibilities the site has to offer), it is important that you register in the right way, to get a lot of discount. Read our tips below.

One more note before we start: most of the photos you see on this page have been edited by us. For privacy reasons, we have made people unrecognizable. Because in general, couples don’t advertise to friends, family, neighbors, colleagues etc, they like to have a lot of sex with other couples and singles. Just because they like to fuck as many people as possible doesn’t mean they like everyone knowing about this. This is usually not something you shout out loud. However, they are often recognizable on the site itself, because it is a closed community. In case they are not recognizable, they are almost always willing to send recognizable photos as soon as you ask for it, or give you the password which gives access to their secret folder with face pictures.

SDC free trial membership

sdc free trial membership
Most photo’s on our site can be enlarged with a mouse click But not this one.
A click on the image above brings you directly to the page on sdc where you can register for a free trial membership.

How to become a sdc member? Registering as a new member with a free trial membership is very easy.

At the bottom right of this page, click on the yellow-framed rectangle with the purple letters that read: “Click here for a free trial membership” or simply click here or the image at the left or the banner at the bottom. You will land on a page with a naked woman blinding the eyes of a man.

If you are a couple, choose the profile type for couple. If you are single, select single. A couple must specify both sexes , usually this is female, male. After that you can come up with a nice profile name. Next enter an email address and a password. At location you can choose your place of residence, or a different city, so you are even more anonymous. Finally, there is the promotion code (or promo code) and this is important. See also the page with explanation about the promo code sdc.

Our promotional code or promo code 36222 brings you a lot of discount. It ensures you can be a member for free for a while and also ensures that after ± 15 months (or much sooner) you will receive an amazing offer for a life time membership, so you never have to pay again and stay a free member for the rest of your life. So this discount code offers you a very good deal with amazing benefits.

Note: If the promo code field is empty (or if there is already another SDC promo code in this field, delete it) and enter 36222 here.

If you’re having trouble registering or getting stuck, read the tips below in the next paragraph or send us a mail. Log In log in

As mentioned, registering yourself as a member is easy and can be done within a few minutes. You do not have to think too long about an email address or place of residence, because you can change all these things later in your settings. After filling in the promo code and clicking the button “join for free”, you must agree to the terms and conditions and privacy statement. If this causes problems in your browser, use the Google Chrome Browser, or Safari for people with an iPhone, iPad or iMac, that always works.

By now it is time for you to log in to SDC for the first time and that is always very exciting!

First screen after logging in to SDC

what is a manual how to use the swinger site

In the photo you see the first screen after you have logged in from a computer or laptop. On the right side you will first see the couples and singles who are active in your area. In this case it concerns New York USA, but you can choose any location you want. If you live in London, you will first see all the swingers in London.
Wherever you log, you will first see all swingers in your area and it depends entirely on your location. If you want to see members in another city, no problem, by simple setting a second location you can switch very easily and you can search for couples and swingers in another city or country as well.

In the examle above, we searched for couples and singles, but you can also choose to search for couples only or for singles or only for women or men. Our photo shows five single women (outlined in pink) and thirteen couples (outlined in light purple).

All these couples, single women and single men are looking for a sex date. Make no mistake about that. You do not join SDC to make new friends for normal socializing. That being said, there are plenty of swingers who become friends with each other, but that is only after they have slept together. And they just keep having sex with each other and stay friends at the same time. Couples and singles can be friends with benefits with a couple, and this is very common in the swinger scene.

You can see 18 swingers profiles in the photo, because the screen is not bigger, but underneath it still contains a lot of sex dating profiles. More than three million to be precise and you can scroll through endlessly. Via our search settings we have set that we are not looking for young couples or single women under thirty, but you change that to whatever you like. Are you looking for young swingers who are still teenagers? You will find couples and single women and men on SDC from 18 years to well into their 70s.

Swingers Mail Box

swingers mail

On the main screen and all other pages of SDC you will see a large menu on the left. Most functions and pages are listed in that menu. At the top you see home, that is the page we discussed above. Below that you can find membership, which indicates the status of your membership. The next item is mailbox.

You can find all your internal messages in this mailbox. These include personal messages from other members, likes, party invitations, validations, notifications when a swinger couple travels to your location and much more form which you can receive a message (if you wish so, because you can switch it off too).

In the settings you can specify exactly from which event you would like to receive a notification. It is also possible to receive a mail message in your external email box or at your phone via SMS. You can use the options that you see in the menu at the top right to create different folders in which you can store your messages.

Tip: if you have a nice mail conversation with someone, do not save it exclusively in your mailbox at SDC, but add this contact to your favorites. This could prevent you from losing important contacts when the old mail is cleaned up, which happens automatically every once in a while. SDC with more than 3 million members (and hundreds of millions of messages each month) can’t store all these messages forever.

SDC Messenger

The next menu option in the left menu is the SDC Messenger. Sometimes, this option could be more convenient than sending a message via the mailbox, if the other member is online at the same time as you are. In this way you can chat with each other directly 1 on 1 and you can immediately respond to what someone says. A bit similar to the Messengers that we use every day such as WhatsApp, Skype, Kik, Telegram, Signal, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger, but a bit less extensive because you can mainly exchange text with each other. If the other member is not online, we recommend sending a normal message via the mailbox.

Swingers Chat Box

sdc chat room

SDC also has several swingers chat boxes. At the time of writing this text, there were nine and they represent a number of languages present on the site, like English, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, German and French. You can also create a chatroom yourself, where you are in control.

In addition to typing chat messages, it is also possible to turn on your webcam and you will be able to guess what you will see on the cam chat when two swinger couples are visiting each other. You can watch partner swapping, live on your screen.

The page is still under construction and will be ready in the summer 2021